Sunday, August 18, 2013

This week has been amazing! For our devotional on Tuesday, Elder Scott came and spoke to us! He talked a lot about the gift of tongues and gave us an apostolic blessing so that we would not get discouraged. He was so sweet; he kept telling us how much the twelve love us and then mentioned that his deceased wife was there with us. Then on Wednesday, I had the opportunity of hosting the new missionaries that came into the MTC. The first one was a cute little sister from Taiwan. She was really good at english for just arriving the night before! Her name was Sister Hsu (pronounced shoe) and is going to the Salt Lake City Temple Square mission. I can't image traveling to a completely different country all by myself. I really do admire her. The next sister I helped was named Hermana Ordeñez. She was born in Peru but grew up in New Jersey. At first I couldn´t understand what she was saying though because she pronounced New Jersey with a y (New yersey). The best part of this week though was attending the temple this morning and watching the new temple video. I liked it better because Eve was valiant and outspoken. I have also developed a stronger love for the Book of Mormon this week. In our lesson we memorized the first vision and I never knew the impact it could have to bring the spirit. We are supposed to recite it slowly with fervor and eye contact with the investigator. So here it is without any notes--try to imagine me saying this as I look you in the eye ;) Vi una columna de luz Mas brillante que el sol directamente arriba de me cabeza y esta luz gradualmente descendio hasta descansar sobre me Al reposar la luz vi en el aire arriba de mi a dos personajes culyo fulgar y gloria no admiten descripción. Una de ellos me habló, llamandome por me nombre, este es mi hijo amado, escuchalo. I love you all and hope to continue to hear from you. Good luck as school starts up again, and remember that no matter what happens, Christ knows you and what you are going through. Turn to him. Buena suerte! sinceramente, hermana gunter

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  1. Hi,
    I'm Sister Stephanie Craven's mom. Just wanted to tell you Stephanie enjoyed being companions with Sydnee in the MTC. They had a lot in common mainly gymnastics. I've been looking up blogs of missionaries in the same mission as Stephanie and enjoying reading similar stories but a little different. Stephanie's blog is she has pictures of Sydnee and other sisters and elders also.