Sunday, September 8, 2013

Letter from Syd's President and Pictures

August 31, 2013 Dear Gunter Family, My wife and I had the privilege to welcome Sister Gunter to the Argentina Posadas Mission. We are excited to have Sister Gunter in our mission to contribute to edify the Church of the Lord here in The Argentina Posadas Mission. Sister Gunter was assigned to labor in the Puente Kyhà Branch with Sister Dominguez as there trainer. During her mission, Sister Gunter will have opportunities to work in the Providence of Misiones in Argentina and Paraguay due to the mission having two countries. Although, Argentina and Paraguay are neighbors, they have different cultures and customs. On Monday, they will have their preparation days where she will be able to communicate with you every Monday. The communication is generally done over E-mail, or to communicate with letters or packages, the direction of the offices of the mission is: Sister Gunter Córdoba 1243 Posadas, Misiones 3300 Casilla 12 Argentina We are very grateful for sending us a missionary spiritually prepared; she will be an influence in the lives of the investigators that they will teach, members who they will get to know, to her companion and other missionaries. With love, Lee LaPierre President of the Argentina Posadas Mission

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