Sunday, September 8, 2013

Argentina NO!!!

Hola todos!
After traveling for 2 days straight, we finally arrived in Paraguay where were supposed to get a flight to Argentina.  Unfortunately, we could not step onto their soil without visas.  So we had to purchase visas which took forever and then we rode on this crazy looking blue bus with pictures of jesus all over it until we got to the mission home in Asuncion Paraguay.  
They fed us and then we got to go see the temple and eat these yummy chicken burrito things.  The water was not good there so we drank sprite.  After we waited for a long time and then did some more signing for our visas in Argentina.  Then finally we rode another bus for about 8 hours until we met our new mission president and his wife (who are small people).  We left our suitcases in the chapel and slept ate dinner at their house.  Then we slept at a super nice hotel in Posadas.  
At our meeting, president told us that we wouldnt have our argentina visas for a while so we were being reassigned to places in Paraguay.  I am no serving in the puenta kyjha.  It is like the spanish fork of utah.  it is the country not the city.  People here are super poor and many of the children run around without shoes on.  We saw a dead dog in the road and it was super gross because blood was everywhere and no one would clean it up.  
The people also mumble really quietly and dont say their s´s so it is hard to understand them.  I am slowly picking up the language but it is really hard.  I have a companion who is from Buenas Aires and doesn't speak any english.  I struggle a lot trying to communicate with her.  A lot of times I get frustrated and wonder why I came, but then I remember all the people who need me. When I can speak the language (probably 7 monthes) I will have definitely earned my 17 credits of A´s at BYU.
One of our investigators Jonathon(age 16) wants to be baptized but his mom wont let him.  He is also part of the mafia and they will kill him if he leaves.  When we were teaching another investigator named Carina, her sister jumped up in the tree and peed right above my companions head!  And to make things worse, they sang god be with you til we meet again to get us to leave.  que triste.  
There were only 18 members at our church and they all came late.  I definitely have my work cut out for me.  Our apartments is roughly as big as our kitchen at home but is super big in comparison to what other families have.  Their houses are made out of super thin wood, brick or tin and everything is super dirty.  Its like living at lake powell except the bathrooms arent even that nice.
Surprisingly the food isnt that bad but it scares me to eat it because they dont ever wash their hands.  Well I love you all and I will continue to work hard so that I can return with some cool stories.  My new address is 
Córdoba 1243
Posadas, Código Postal 3300
Casilla de correo #12
Adios! escribame cartes!
Hermana Gunter

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