Tuesday, December 10, 2013

First week in Dec

Alright so this week we have been visiting a family from Brazil and they only speak portuguese.  It is really hard because sometimes we understand them and sometimes I have no idea what they are saying to me.  They invited us over for lunch in their house and we ate vegetables from their garden...pretty much the first time I have been offered vegetables here.  Then they invited us to come the next day...but we didnt understand when they invited us so they ended up waiting 2 hours for us to come!  I was super embarrassed when I found out because I hate being late to our appointments here.

My spanish is far from perfect but I am starting to understand a lot better and put words together better.  Well there is always something random that happens everyday but I cant remember right now.  So I guess this is all I will send this week, but I was wondering if you all watched the Christmas Devotional? How was it? I didnt have the chance to see it because I was in a family home evening with some members...they are starting to support us now!
Well as always I love you all and hope to continue to hear all about what is going on in the USA.
con carino,
Hermana Gunter

My leg from a spider bite!

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