Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hola! This week has been very busy!! All we do is study study study from 7 am to 930 pm. The language is hard but as long as the spirit it present while we teach, then we know that the investigators will learn from us. With our progressive investigator, we knew what to say but we didn't know how to say it in English, so we just tried to use the words we did know and bore testimony. After the third lesson, our investigator committed to baptism! We were so surprised that we had to keep asking him if he was sure! The Lord truly does bless you if you just put your trust in him. Each week we write a letter to our mission president and he gives us feedback. I had mentioned I felt really busy and so he gave me this scripture to read: D&C 10:4. Please read it because I feel like with your busy schedule you will come to understand what God asks of you. I am supposed to leave to Argentina on Aug 26, but every other missionary going to Argentina is being sent state side while waiting for their visas. Most have been sent Salt Lake City...I sure hope that is not me. Right now I am at a computer in the laundry room because all the other ones are down. People are waiting for me and it is hot, so I want more time but I can't take it. Hopefully next week I can send you some photos if I have more time. Love you all. Sydnee

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