Thursday, July 3, 2014

June 23, 2014

Wow I think I am regretting ever wanted to come to Argentina so bad.  I am really missing the paraguayan humbleness, dirtiness and especially the language.  I didnt really realize how much I loved being able to speak a little bit of guarani hear and there.  The people here are a lot richer and cleaner, but they are also ruder and closed off.  When I got here to my area it was left a mess....I feel like I am cleaning up someone elses disaster.  The ward is super small and there are more than 300 non members...only 20 active. I have been pretty stressed because once again I am training and I am starting out at ground zero in the area again...another church to build up again.  
the misionaries before didnt quite do what they were supposed to so I feel like no one has confidence in them.  We are slowly gaining it back.  My companion is from Idaho and is super cute.  She sometimes gets a little too worried and takes it out on me but I am really just trying not to get angry and put myself in her shoes.  She speaks great spanish for only have 6 weeks in the mission! But she doesnt have much confidence with it yet.  The spanish is kind of harder here because they speak in a different accent and definitely a lot faster!  I am slowly getting used it.
Now we have to be a lot more creative with our contacts and so we have been singing with people and asking their advice in our performance.  We even met one guy who wanted to join in with his guitar.  He had a great voice.  We have also been inviting people to read the proclamation to family by saying HEY DO YOU KNOW THAT WE ARE IN A BATTLE? JOIN THE FIGHT AGAINST SATAN! That always surprises them and then we sit down and talk about the importance of have a strong and faithful family.  I also arrived to have to prepare a baptism from the sister missionary that left...and I hardly even know them!  
The highlight of this week probably was when we were doing some contacts and I almost got kissed by an Angel. ANGEL? Yep youve got it!  Its a boys name here! He was telling us goodbye and I shook his hand and then all of the sudden he pulled me in to kiss him and of course I rejected him but it was probably the awkwardest I have ever felt in my life...especially because he was kind of cute...awe well life is never dull when you are working hard and having fun!
Love you all,
Hermana Gunter

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