Thursday, July 10, 2014

March 24, 2014

Hola en guarani!  Whats up in the US?  How is the weather there?  It is finally starting to get cooler here, and thank goodness!  This week we went searching a ton of people and they all accept us at first but then the second time no one wants to keep commitments.  So we are still in the fight to try to find people that will really ACT.  We also have had some minor issues in the ward.  Still we cant get the support that we need and everyone just complains instead of doing something to fix the problem.  We are going to fix things slowly...I can just feel it!  We visited some houses with the leaders and there is definitely potential!  Also we had a great lesson with a family whos dad recently just died.  They we all crying when we taught the plan of salvation.  We felt the spirit really strong.  After we had to go to the bathroom and it was really late.  We couldnt hold it so we ran into an old gas station and went to the bathroom half peeing our pants.  We had 5 minutes to get into the house before 10...the mission rule.  So we left running.  Next thing I know, I hear Hermana Retana yelling my name...I turn around and she is pointing to my garments were showing!  My skirt was tucked up in the back and you could see my bottom!  Wow I dont think I have ever been more embarrassed in my life!  I never wanted to show my garments in public like that!  The worse part was that I left running and could hear people laughing but I didnt know why!  haha
As far as the progress of the sisters, we talked openly with them and now at least I have a better idea of what they need, what they like, and what they dont like.  I have definitely learned my lesson not to judge.  Like I always say...the mission is a humbling experience.
Well I would love to hear from you all.  I am sorry I cant write individually but I love receiving your emails!
Love, Hermana Gunter

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