Thursday, July 10, 2014

March 10, 2014 Letter

The truth is that we cant do any work as misionaries in the ward unless the ward members are willing to help us.  We have tried all week to be able to have the members come with us to teach but our efforts were ignored.  This week our asistence in the capilla was about half of what we had last week.  All of our investigators had excuses for not going.  And even when they do come, hardly any of the members tell them hi.  The members here dont help us very much and dont want to fulfill their callings. Each active member has about 3 callings because we have members that are kai wei- lazy in guarani. 
Yes we have many interested investigators but it will do us no good to baptize them and then not have them want to go to church because there is not unity as a ward and no one supports them.  This is a huge problem in Paraguay!  There are more innactive members than members.  We are working with more innactive families than investigators... and they all have the excuse that no one visits them.  
So if I can give any advice to you all is to do your visiting teaching and offer to help the missionaries in your wards...go with them to visit and befriend the investigators.  

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