Thursday, July 3, 2014

May 26, 2014

Well I have definitely been part of a miracle.  Mariela was able to stop smoking in like three days!  She doesnt even want to anymore!  She is super amazing!  Now I know that if we put our confidence in God, our weaknesses can be our strengths!  She was finally baptized this Saturday and it was super spiritual.  She was scared to dip back in the water but eventually she got up the courage,  She bore her testimony about her gratitude for everyone that helped her...especially us.  We have been able to teach her sixteen year old son and he is interested too.  Just before her baptism Satan knew that he couldnt tempt her with a cigarete and so he sent another problem.  On Wednesday she was running into problems in every dirrection.  Her only mode of transportation her motorcycle broke and she couldnt bring her kids to the local soup kitchen to eat which is super far from her house.  We have been trying to bring her food when we can.  But she said that she wont be able to bear watching her children starve to death.  That morning she had to send them to school hungry because she didnt have anything to give them.  That hurt me just thinking about it.  We are so dang priviledged. 
But luckily with the help of teh ward, she has been recieving some help but still needs to find a job.  I  just keep praying that she will find one so she can feed her children.  Also it is super cold right now!  I am struggling to type because my fingers are frozen!  Its not like a bitter cold but its like a humid sticky cold that never leaves!  Yesterday we went out working and it was raining like crazy and only 8 degrees outside!  I definitely was not prepared for weather like this!  But lucky I have my handy dandy rainboots!  The weather is so crazy because today we were sweating as we walked just never know what each day will bring in Paraguay.
Love you all,
Hermana Gunter

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