Thursday, July 3, 2014

June 9, 2014

Yeah! Another week with out warm showers! In the morning it is freezing outside and lucky us...we have a tank of water that freezes and we dont have a water heater! Aside from our water problem, this week has been pretty good.  We have had a ton of spiritual experiences and are working a ton with the less actives. It feels great when you can finally find and help their needs.  One of the innactive mothers in our district finally came clean to us that she is having problems forgiving the people in her life that have made her suffer so much.  She says she wakes up and goes to bed thinking about them and hating them every second that she has become so bitter.  We taught a lesson on the power of the atonement and we have been learning a ton about repentance.  I am so thankful for the Savior and his eternal love and sacrifice so we can leave it to him to take care of the mess if we can just forgive like he did and does.  
This week we and the relief society had a service project where we went to the hospital with the sisters in the ward and only our convert, our investigator, and the president showed up. But it was super espiritual and they all left with a great experience. It was great to see Mariela share the gospel with others. Elisa our investigator also shared her sweet testimony with the sick. Well i hope all is well I love you. Remember:  Dont ever let a problem be more important that the people you love. Sometimes we assume that people know we love them but we should MAKE them now because we may never have the opportunity again and you never will regret saying the words I LOVE YOU to the ones you love.  (the fambam)

Hermana Gunter

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