Sunday, November 22, 2015

WOW is the only word I could think of to sum up this week.  I have had some pretty big challenges but I have also really noticed some really great progress in myself.  I was in Argentina part of the week for a conference for the leaders.  I loved seeing all the missionaries in Argentina.  Now half of my group that I came with are over on the other side.  I do have a love for Paraguay even though they can be a little difficult to work with.  
We are still looking for ways to solve the lack of members and investigator problem but we did have some success with the conference on Sunday.  2 nonactive members came for the first time in years!  I think for me it was better than watching an investigator walk in the door.  I saw the light in the eyes of Giselle Garcia as she recognized the love and peace that she had left behind when she decided to stop going to church.  We also had a successful fruit salad ward night where the wards could join together for a little laugh.  We have a new president, but he too is innactive and only has a year as a member.  He committed to come to conference but didnt show up.  We have a lot of work to do here.
I want to share a couple of insights of what I learned from conference: 
-There will be a time when we are all called upon to defend our faith and we must do so with courage and courtesy or our houses wil be left desolate.
-We shouldnt expect a smooth God that doesnt demand things
-daily family prayer, scripture study, and family home evening are the most basic and important things to strengthen us
-We need to be like a tree and stand firm against the spiritual whirlwinds
-We should let God be the leader of our lives
-God cant force us to be righteous because righteousness is chosen

-Mans quest for knowledge doesnt profit him anything if what he is learning is not the truth and the only truth comes from God
-We are eternal beings and endings are not our destiny
-You have to follow up or its like buying a ticket and not going to the movie
-Blame keeps wounds open but forgiveness heals
-There will always be opposition to the truth because Satan knows its the truth
But my favorite talk was from the David A Bednar.  I loved that he said that we are yoked with the Savior and he is the one that helps us pull our load.  I love the gospel and it blesses my life everyday.  i am so lucky to have the chance to share it.
Hermana Gunter

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