Sunday, November 22, 2015

A roadside pick up line

So I am always super friendly with the people and I pretty much always say hi to everyone and their 3 dogs. But this tactic kind of backfired on me when I greeted a man working outside.  All of the sudden we heard the sounds of a motorcycle coming up behind us and to my surprise it was him.  He then said to me, "te puedo hacer una pregunta?" and of course thinking he would ask what church we were from, I gladly said "si!" But he then added "¿como puedo hacer para llegar a tu corazon?".  Google it...its pretty darn funny.  After that, I couldnt help but laugh!  I told him that I am a misionary and it isnt possible. Then he kept asking questions like ¿y puedo encontrarte en tu iglesia?---then I just kept saying chau like 5 times.  But thank goodness for my companion because she got super serious and then said: you are invited to the church but only if you are interested in the gospel.  Thanks to her bluntness he left us alone. jaja

other than random guys trying to win our hearts, we havent had the success that we wanted with our investigators.  We find a ton of new ones but they just dont progress or they have extremely dificult situations and cant.  We find them one day and then we set up appointment and then we arrive and they arent there.  But we have been really successful with the youth.  They all want to listen and be baptised but the problem is their parents dont want anything to do with the church.  Cielo is super smart and wants to make changes in her life to be able to be baptized but her mom grounded her from going to church and it has been so hard to see her go through that.  Her mom practically grounded her right in front of us and told her that she was very rebellious and cant leave the house until she changes.  I just remember seeing the tears fall from her eyes as her mother tore down her self esteem.  unfortunately we cant do anything but pray.  

But dont worry, faithful Solange and Lucas are progressing! They have gone to church for the last 3 weeks and Lucas even talked to one of the members asking if her would be willing to baptize him.  They are so cute and we are only waiting for the permision of their fathers.  As relief society president, we finally have another activity and visiting teachers! WAHOO! Mariela our convert, also just got called as my secretary!  I am super excited to see the progress in our little branch.  Our mission leader is awesome and he is really encouraging all of the youth here to participate in the church.  Also a returned missionary is helping us a ton with the work and giving a ton of references.  

que tenga una linda semana llena de bendiciones
oren por nuestros investigadores
Hermana Gunter 

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