Sunday, November 22, 2015

Argentina here I come

This week we explored to the ends of our area the very deep country....and the very last house.  We were inspired and were able to find many ready and humble people that wanted to hear the gospel.  I have been able to feel the spirit really strong with my companion and I am so thankful for her strong testimony and love for the gospel.  She is the only member in her family and they still dont want to accept the gospel because they are all catholics.  She is still learning but she is super fun and different we enjoy being together! We have had quite a bit of fun laughing over our awkward law of chastity lessons...but Sadly it is not going to last long because Tuesday night I leave for Santo Tome, Argentina!  I am super sad to leave our convert Mariela--who by the way gave an amazingly spiritual lesson this Sunday.  It was great for her first time.   And the struggling ward because there are so many things I still want to put into practice...I am also going to miss speaking in Guarani. Not that I speak very well... but I love the language.  
But I wanted to write a little about something that I have studied recently in the scriptures--
Dads and why they are so great (dedicated to the best dad in the world! CAMERON GUNTER)
Using the example of Alma in the Book of Mormon, we recognize that he gave great advice to all three of his sons that they could learn in their youth the wisdom of God.  He also shared his past experiences with them recognizing that he wasnt perfect but could help his children avoid the same mistakes and put their trust in the Lord.  Alma 36:3
He shared with them the things that he learned from God and his eternal plan so they could know how to reach eternal life and bore testimony of the great and powerful atonement.  He taught with love and spoke of the importance of the book of mormon.  And most importantly, when Coriantun had committed his sins, he warned him of the consequences but didnt condemn his son, rather, condemned the sin and explained to his son the doctrine so that he understood why.  Because he understood that most people commit sin only because they dont understand the doctrine well enough.  Alma 39
Thanks dad for all you have taught me.  I love you for everything you have done for me.  I will never be able to thank you enough for all you have sacrificed for me so that I can be here where I am today.  And still you continue to serve and sacrifice for the family.  Always remember God first, then the family, and then work.
Thanks everybody and I hope you had a great fathers day!
I wish I could say ¨save some cake for me¨ but I think it might go moldy in 7 monthes! 
I love you all and remember to put on the armer of God
Hermana Gunter

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