Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mariela y Fernando

So Tuesday we had interviews with the president and they were awesome.  Like always, I have a bunch of questions and he always helps and answers me so that I can fulfill my callings the best way I know how.  Right now we are working with the daughters of the recient converts and they are super cute.  We watched the testaments about the book of mormon and they were overtaken by the spirit.  Afterwards Mariela said "wow, que emociante! quiero mirarlo en mi casa" And then, Fernando (who is super timid) bore his testimony about how the book of mormon helped him quit smoking to his daughter.  It was super great when he said how much he loved how jesus christ can heal each one of us.  
We are also teaching piano lessons every saturday which is really fun but sometimes its hard to explain piano terms in spanish.  We have also been quite astonished with all the young people that smoke and drink everyday like its nothing. And little do they know that they are killing themselves slowly.  It makes me so sad.  I always think about the prophets in the book of mormon that always are so afflicted for the iniquities of the people.  I feel like that here in santo tome.  Drugs and alcohol are a huge problem here.  We are also working with 22 old boy named Jorge who has had mental issues because of the abuse of illegal drugs.  He stopped drinking after a mental break when he had to go to the mental hospital but now he is ready to turn his life around so that he can be a good father for his to be born daughter.  We had a super good lesson with him and I was super bold but felt super sincere like as if the spirit had been guiding my words.  It was a great experience and now I have been taking a bunch of his cigarettes and lighters with me each day...its kind of funny. 
Other than that, we have been rejected a lot this week which is quite common for us here.  I am used to it from being in Pilar, but it is a little more here because they are a little more blunt. But I was reading a scripture in Alma 42:27 that says that we cant obliglate anyone to come to Christ.  Christ invites ALL OF HIS CHILDREN but we all have the right to choose for ourselves.  
Well this week is going to be another great one because we have a relief society activity that we are planning and we are going to make skirts.  Have a great week and love to you all!
Con mucho amor,

Hermana Gunter

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