Sunday, November 22, 2015

weekly rundown

This week we decided to leave a lot of investigators that weren't progressing.  It was a really hard and sad decision to make but it had to be done.  We were wasting Gods precious time with people that weren't willing to make sacrifices for a better life.  But although we don't have as many people as we want interested, I have noticed many other blessings that we are receiving. For example, our new president of the ward is awesome and is really enthusiastic and ready to work.  There are also a lot more members willing to work with us which is a huge change.  51 members were at church this Sunday.  For us, that is super good attendance.
I am going to give you the break down of what we did this week:
Lunes- we found an inactive family The Paredes Family who we think are going to progress
Martes- we visited Catalina (a woman who is sick in bed with a disease that makes it so she cant hardly walk or move) She has to roll a bucket from under the bed to pee and so her house always smells bad.  Her poor old dad that is about 80 years old has to take care of her. Her mom recently died about a year ago and she is yearning for peace in her life.  The only problem is that she was baptized in the evangelical church and her father wont allow her to change.  But she is starting to warm up to the idea.
Miercoles- We visited Eulalia who commited to go to the conference on Sunday and never showed up.  She decided she wanted to be baptized and accepted the date with her son Julio.  We also talked to a lady that has goats.  They are funny animals they tried to eat the skirt of my companion.  But the cutest thing was the cabrita...the baby goat.  We fell in love with it and wanted to hold it forever.  We then found Lorenzo...actually we just located where he lives because we had met him before as we helped him carry his bags to the pharmacy.  He is an old little man that can barely walk...really I dont know what he has but I think it is paralysis...but yet he walks about a mile to buy his medicine. He has a cane that he uses to stable himself as he walks about .0000000000007 mph.  But I absolutely love teaching him.  He is so innocent and sweet.  Although he only has one tooth in the front, his smile is so genuine and for some reason when he looks at me, his eyes remind me of a cute cuddly bear...although he is not fat like bear, his personality is super warm and cuddly.
Jueves-We had interviews with the president of the mission.  It was awesome to finally talk to him.  I had so many things to say but when it got down to it, I couldnt remember a thing.  But he gave me some really great advice about how to contact better and find new people through having interesting ideas.  He told me a story about how he lugged around a huge rock with the 10 commandments written on it to get people interested.  I dont know if I will haul a rock around, but we are starting to think of other ideas to I guess if you have any...let me know? jaja
Viernes- I did exchanges with the sisters.  At first I was scared--even though it is my third time with them--because one sister was not too thrilled about it and didnt want to stay in her area.  But I was able to help her find new people in her area and it was great because we had great numbers and we were both able to learn from the experience. It was raining and so almost everyone rejected us but we found a young pregnant girl Fabiola and when we taught her we felt such a sweet spirit and love for her.
Sabado- We have been working with 2 other innactive families.  The Garcia family and the Galeano family.  Hermana Garcia doesnt want to go to church because she is tired of going alone and her husband wont accept the gospel in his life...believe me; he already rejected us.  The Galeano family have 2 little girls that are super cute.  The dad is always joking around like my dad.  But he refuses to accept the fact that he needs to go back to church.  Everything is a joke to him.  Their little store is struggling and they are way to caught up in worldly money instead of the things of God. After, we found a sweet little family and I felt so welcome in their home...sad thing is I can only remember the name of their daughter...Brenda.
Domingo- Lorenzo came to church!  He is so great!  When we invited him, he said SI SI voy a prepararme!  Romina a return missionary of the garcia family brought him to church and it was super special...and I mean special because the special needs boy in our ward was running around banging the piano and scribbling with his pen on the benches and members.  I really hope Lorenzo could feel the spirit with all the distractions.  Poor thing, I looked over in the middle of the meeting and he had fallen asleep. We also waited anxiously in front of the church gates for Eulalia who committed again to come...but never showed up.  But we found another woman named Mari and she wants to go to church and is very interested.  I hope she continues to progress.
Well to finish things off, we had some strange experiences this week like finding a baby scorpion in the shower and eating alligator---which tastes pretty dry chicken with a hint of bacon flavor. jaja
Well I love you all I and as always want to hear from you!
Love, Hermana Gunter

Oh and remember that at general conference we gather together to hear the words of the Lord but we return home to live them.

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