Sunday, November 22, 2015


We have been working with quite a few interested and progressing investigators but when it rains on Sunday...NO ONE SHOWS UP.  Everyone is lazy here and sleep is sacred so only two out of our 10 progressing investigators showed up. I prayed all morning hoping that they would put their faith over their laziness but it seems like they need a little more.  We found two great families that have many problems but have many desires to follow in the path of Christ.  One just separated from her husband because in a fight, he tried to burn her and the children.  The other has also been through some scary stuff, but the kids love the lessons and they all say some pretty powerful prayers.  We also have been visiting Jordan a super tall and linky 38 year old who is a craftsman who makes cool carvings out of wood.  He is hilarious because he talks biblically and lives off of pills for his mechanical valved heart because of his super dangerous and damaging lifestyle that he lived before.  He says that now is his time to change and believes in Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.  But what he does that always makes me laugh is when he says "gracias por traerme la palabra santa y sabia" each time we teach him a lesson.
Well I hope we have more luck with conference this coming week.
Im super stoked!

Hermana Gunter

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