Sunday, November 22, 2015

I'm old

So we have the goal to contact at least 10 people each companion daily.  And I always like to do a little more each day.  This week we handed out like 80 invitations to general conference.  We made a contact with an old catholic lady and we introduced ourselves like always.  Afterwards, she said "o y ella es tu hija".  Aparently I look like a 38 year old with a 14 year old daughter!  I was so offended!  My companion is super short and small and everyone thinks she is 12 years old but still!  I would have to be at least 40 to be her mom.  So I have officially gotten older here in the mission and I now can fulfill my spot as mother hen for everybody...
There is a scripture in d and c that says if you are prepared you shall not fear, but I think for argentinas sake it should be changed to "if you are prepared, you shall not fear....unless it rains".  Here it has been raining nonstop this whole week.  When it rains, no one works or goes to school, rather they sit inside and sleep.  And as a missionary would think, its a great opportunity to contact because everyone is in their homes as a family...NOT!  We clap at the doors and they tell us "otro dia" or "mira al tiempo! esta lloviendo!" It makes me so mad how lazy they are!  We are the ones getting drenched in the wet cold rain and they say that they cant recieve us because its raining? WHAT? And just our luck, these past two sundays it has rained and so our numbers have dropped by almost 20.  It is ridiculous.  God tries the faith of the people and the ones that are really prepared go to church even when it rains.  Like Gabriela.  
She has 6 kids and they are super disobedient.  She is always yelling at them and the spirit is not in her home.  We are slowly helping her stop smoking.  She is very diligent with her prayers and all of her children are reading and praying with her also.  She even went to church in spite of the rain for all 5 of her kids...and it was not a short walk.  The river has also risen again here and many people had to leave their homes....looks like we have another service project coming soon.
Love you all,

Hermana Gunter

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