Sunday, November 22, 2015


This week we have met some pretty cool people.  First we talked to jehovas witnesses and then they told us about that 144 thousand people that will enter into the kingdom of God.  It is actually found in Apocalipsys and talks about the sealings.  It was pretty cool to find out new doctrine.  We also found 3 new investigators that have accepted the invitation to be baptized and are super animated.  We are hoping that they continue to do their part in the preparation.  They are all young single adults and super fun to teach.  Gabriela is still having struggles.  We had to change her baptismal date because she is having troubles stopping smoking... and this sunday couldnt come to church because there was a huge storm in the night and they didnt have light and their house flooded....I cant blame her.  But because of the storm we had the large number of 14 people in the church...that was supposed to be sarcastic jeje.  The night before we had the activity for mothers day and had almost 100 people show up and then sunday not even a forth of that.  It is impressive how much the rain affects the mood of people...I guess now we know where their priorities are...I am super sad because the time has arrived for me to leave this blessed corrientin land.  (tierra corrientina) I wont be able to see the baptism of Gabriela and her gurisito (little boy) Agusto... but at least I will leave the other missionary the fun work of planning the baptism!  Well it has been a rough 4 and a half monthes but I have grown so much spiritually and have recognized the changes in the branch and its members.  On Sunday Santiago our mission leader who is preparing for his mission bore such a strong testimony that left me in tears.  He told the story of how one day he was playing in the river and felt like he was going to drown and then felt a hand of his back pushing him to the shore of the river.  He explained that was the first moment that he really knew that God existed and loved him.  Even though we werent many in the church, the spirit was truly there. This tuesday, I leave to Iguazu to meet my new companion Hermana Wadsworth.  Well love you all,
Hermana Gunter
Hope you enjoy some cute pictures from the activity for mothers day

It has been tough to leave Santo Tome.  I got so close with all the members there.  With the planning and help of my companion, they even threw me a surprise going away party and gave my presents and cards.  It was so cute.  I was so blessed to have known them.  
Well I arrived here in Iguazu and it is super big and beautiful.  The people are a lot richer and it seems like they are a lot more open to recieve us.  But they are alos very fake.  The branch is a lot bigger than Santo Tome and they actually have teachers for the classes.  But there isnt much unity and it seems like the members hardly help the missionaries here.  We are going to work on changing that.  My companion is awesome.  Her name is Hermana Wadsworth and is from Nampa Idaho!  She is 25 years old and really dedicated.  It is nice to finally have someone who works like me and like to run!!!! I CAN RUN!!! We have had a lot of success in the lessons together and we had planned for amost 12 people to show up at church...7 said that rain or shine they we going to go and then comes sunday and we have one person in church!  
Enzo is the 11 year old that came to church.  He is the son of an inactive sister.  She had planned ot come but woke up sick or something...I think it was an excuse.  But cute little Enzo walked all the way to church by himself and waited in the park for 30 minutes.  I wish his parents had his dedication.  We have also had some pretty funny last night when we contacted this grumpy old man who seemed pretty lonely.  We started talking to him about prayer and then told us that God cant talk to us and we cant talk to him.  After we beared our testimony and he still wasnt pleased then we talked about the path of righteousness and the path of evil and he then responded that Satan doesnt exist.  We tried to explain what we had thought and what we believe but he wouldnt even give us breath.  And what made me want to laugh is that each time we would ask him a question, he would raise his voice and say, "mira, te voy a decir una verdad" jajaja...
 well there you have it.
write you next week.
Hermana Gunter

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