Sunday, November 22, 2015


We have walked so much this week!  We have been trying to go to the far reaches of our area to find more people because we only have a few investigators that are progressing.  It has been quite an exhausting adventure!  We found a sweet young boy named Santiago and his mom recently had an accident on her moto and lost her memory.  She was in the hospital for a long time and Santiago had been praying taht she would get back ok.  Thanks to his prayers she has been able to recover...but very slowly.  He is super interested in the church but he wants his family to be able to join him....and that is the problem.  Since his mom is still recovering, it is super hard to teach her.  She talks a ton but repeats all the same things that she had just told us 2 minutes ago.  I am really trying to practice patience.  We will have to see how well they progress.  
We have also been teaching Cielo who is awesome!  She has been making some great changes in her life and being a 14 year old has had some rough times.  Her dad died about a year ago, she was involved with a rough crowd, and didnt get along with her mom.  Now things are changing and she has been able to regain the faith that she had lost when her dad died.  The only problem is that her mom doesnt really like the fact that she goes to church with us... 
There are so many obstacles for these people to get baptized but only through much prayer and fasting can help them.  Yanina is going to church and wants to get baptized but has to wait to get married with her boyfriend who is never in town...always working in the campo...but there you have week in a nutshell
Hope you all have an awesome day and week.

Hermana Gunter

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