Sunday, November 22, 2015


We have been traveling this whole week.  I think we were only in our area for like 2 days.  I have decided that about half of my mission was spent in a bus. But they were pretty successful days.  We are helping susana and her 4 kids get ready to be baptized and they are pretty excited.  Since we have been there teaching she has been extremely blessed with work.  God is showing her the pathway to follow.  We also found a lady named Gladys and she is awesome!  She really has hunger for the word of God. She is so faithful and teaches us things that we had never even thought about each time we go to teach her.  We are really praying that she keeps progressing because she also knows the horrific stories about the members here.  They have thrown punches over doctrine in the church and left their temple marriages for x missionaries.  Things are crazy but we are hoping that she can overlook all the weaknesses of the people and see the truth.  She even has been helping less active member have faith again after being abused and offended by some of the members...
Well until next week,
Hermana Gunter

This week truly has been very spiritual.  Our investigator gladys really does have the desires to progress.  We taught her about the plan of salvation and she said that she always had known that there was more...and that all of the other pastors never could answer her questions.  She also understands more of our purpose as misionaries and thanks us every day for being so courageous.  She too, is a great missionary; the way she helps all her friends and talks to them about God.  We invited her to be baptized--a little afraid of the response because she was already baptized in the evangelical church--and were surprised when without even a pause said yes. She says that all she asks is that God guides her.  And she feels like this is the path she should take.  She knows the book of mormon is true and says that it is the more that she is looking for in her life.  
We also dedicated an afternoon of our time to do an activity with the young women in the ward.  We decided to make some cakes and cookies and then use them to contact people in the streets and visit the innactive young women.  It was a great missionary experience for all of us and we sure had some fun!  But then came Sunday and all the great investigators that we had found and were sure were going to come, didnt show up for church.  I was so bummed becuase we had even walked an hour to walk with Gladys to church and when we arrived she wasnt there.  We are really confused but we know that we just have to keep the hope and faith and God will bless us. 
Love you all,

Hermana Gunter

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