Sunday, November 22, 2015


Ok well the water went down so we got back just in time to clean the church and teach the relief society.  I was surprised because just by visiting one less active member, she came to church with her children.  She has been through  a lot and is living the local school with her family because her house still has water in it.  We are looking forward to a lot of service projects this week and we hope to find more people to teach and serve.  I am also looking subconciously for the next relief society president. 
We just got back from living with sisters in virasoro and we helped them with their numbers using the same dirty clothes that we have been wearing for a week...wahoo! I think God made it so we couldnt go back to our area so we could help them.  They really needed it. And honestly I think I did too.  I was starting to stress out way too much about my new calling when there was no need to.  
I wish I could tell you all these cool stories about the people I met in my area this week, but I wasnt her this week. BUT I did get to meet other places and people.  It was a great experience and it gives me hope for our little area.  
Well pray for Santo Tome and I will keep you updated on the flood pickup,
H Gunter

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