Sunday, November 22, 2015


This week we spent half of our proseliting hours in other areas doing divisions with the other sisters.  They are really great especially because their areas are a little more difficult.  We tried to contact in new ways by offering to play board games and watch movies...we even had a couple cool study groups.  And it actually worked! We were pretty pumped!  We also had a zone conference and my companion and I were in charge of the practices and we made up a pretty cool game with playdough and shoelaces....we are trying to think out of the box and break the routine.  On top of that we got some great advice from our mission leader about how to get references like Hitler...
The second part of the week, we had some amazing lessons with Gladys and found this nice young fellow named David.  He has had depression ever since he was young and to cope started smoking.  When we invited him to be baptized, he responded, "yes i would like to, but how can I if I smoke?" It was pretty neat because right off the bat he recognized that he needed to stop smoking.  We also have been teaching english classes trying to active members and bring attention to the church; and it´s actually working!  And then came Sunday.  We waited anxiously for the handful of people that had told us they we going to come and in the end, only one showed up.  Gladys called us and told us that her daughter cut her foot open and couldnt go and David didnt answer our calls.  Susana and her children said they were going to come and didnt.  And the hardest part: we have decided it is time to let them go and move on to find other more prepared people...
At first I was a little discouraged but then I saw almost all the less actives that we are teaching walk in the doors and I dont think I have ever been happier!  The venialgo family and the fernandez family.  It was amazing becuase in relief society sister fernandez gave her testimony about how the visiting teachers should never give up on their sisters.  She said for a while she hid from the sisters (even the sister missionaries) when they came to visit her, but the sister missionaries never gave up and for that reason she is in the church.  It was so amazing!  And you want to know the best part?  She is not even a member!!! She has been wanting to get baptized for over 11 years but her husband wont get a divorce with his other wife so she can get married to him and be baptized.  So now we have been fasting with her so she had her husband can earn enough money to pay for the divorce.
I also had to give a talk on Sunday and just my luck the mission president showed up.  I dont think it was my best talk, but I was just glad that I got it over with. jaja well those are great adventures this week!  Hope you all have a great thanksgiving!  Eat lots of pumpkin pie and turkey for me! ---2 of the many things that dont exist here
Hermana Gunter

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