Sunday, November 22, 2015

From Santo Tome

This week went SO MUCH BETTER! We could actually WORK in our area! We used our area book and visited all the old investigadores we could find.  We found a bunch of them and even more new ones.  most of them accepted the baptismal date and we felt the spirit really strong.  We also contacted a ton of references from an inactive family.  One of the references is named Esteban, he is a very troubled man that really misses his wife and child that left him for his foolish ways.  He is very dependent on alcohol to take away his sadness.  He doesnt have anyone to support him.  We talked with about repentance and he cried like a little baby.  When he said the last prayer I felt the spirit so strong.  I was so surprised because God really had prepared him for that night.  We had actually been a little afraid to go because it was after a soccer game and many people are crazy but the elders insisted that we go looking.  The Lord blessed us for our diligence.  
We also did service...not the service we expected but we cant complain.  We wanted to help all the people clean out their muddy and swamped houses but no one let us because we had skirts on.  But the president had a project to do with his work and so we had the opportunity to hlep him for a couple hours.  Then we had another humbling experience...SURPRISE! yesterday night.  we went to visit another innactve family and the nonmember sister basically told us that we are way too forward with questioning people and that we need to be more discreet.  I felt a little angry because she wouldnt even listen to us and then would whisper stuff about us. I said thanks for the advice and ended the lesson but my sweet companion then asked if we could come one day so she could teach us how do talk better with the people! Just when I think I am getting humble, I realize I still have a lot of pride to get rid of.
Well there is another great week in Santo Tome, I hope you have a great one in the US!

HErmana Gunter

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