Sunday, November 22, 2015

La policia

Alright, well this week we have just been searching out new people because we have a ton of investigators but we cant get any of them to come to church.  They all have kaiwei (lazyness in guarani).  We had also planned Mariela´s baptism for this Saturday but she couldnt make it because she let her cigarrette win and gave in to temptation on Tuesday.  She has been trying to quit and has been so faithful since and so now she has to not smoke for one whole week and then can be baptized.  We visit and call her everyday so that she always has constant support.  The members of the ward are also helping her stay on track by calling and visiting her.  She is super ready and excited to be baptized and it has been a miracle to see the changes she has made in her life and how God has worked through her to be a better person and find happiness in her hard life.  So far, she has not smoked since Wednesday and says she is going to make it to her baptism this Saturday.  Poor thing, it is a everyday battle for her and there are temptations everywhere, but she is strong and I know she can make it. 

Since we have been visiting Mariela each day, we have been finding and contacting more people in that area.  We always passed by this one old and small shack of a house and I always saw one special boy sitting out side.  He always stared at us and I had the impression to visit but I ignored it because we were always running late to another appointment.  Saturday night we were leaving from a visit when we heard a little girls voice calling to us from that strange house.  It said, "Hermanas, hermanas! Ayudame!" As we got closer, we could see throught the dim light at she had knelt down next to her unconcious mom.  She ran to let us in and explained to us that he dad was drunk and had been hitting and fighting with her mom when her mom fainted.  The other 3 boys were trying to get her to wake up and my companion suggested alcohol under her nose as I tried to give her water.  After some time, she finally woke up and we told her that everything was going to be ok and that we would sing a song for her and say a prayer.  

All of the sudden her crazy drunk husband walked out of the house saying that Jesus forgives him and that he would never hit his wife and children.  We ignored him and started to sing Come Come ye Saints.  He didnt like it so he turned on his music super load so that we were hard to hear.  We keep on singing anyways.  He then started to pray out load Padre Nuestro (the catholic prayer) almost yelling.  We hurried and said a prayer feeling that we were fighting against Satan.   As I finished the old man shoved his kids one by one against the wall.  I wanted to leave but I couldnt let the man beat they kids up.  Then the mom fainted again and fell to the floor. (Luckily, because it made the old man stop beating the children) We and the three boys carried the mom into her room and onto her bed.  

As we put her down, the evangelical pastor walked in.  He announced that we should not worry and that he was going to take the demon out of her.  I told him no, that she wasnt the one with the problem, it was the man hitting and yelling at his children.  Next thing I know, he is practically strangling her and taking her to the floor he yells "God I take this demon from her!  Leave from my presence and never come back!" He said other crazy stuff but the woman was howling out in so much pain from his tight grip on her neck that it was hard to hear.  It honestly looked like he was trying to kill her.   By then I was grabbing my companion to run get out and run away. The little girl pleaded with me, "Por favor ayudanos, mi papa me va a pegar!"  We kept running until we found a house where a police officer lived.  We asked if he could help or give us the number of the police station and I couldnt believe my ears when he said that he would have to look for the number! 

Finally the police showed up and I explained the situation to the officer.  He then told us that they couldnt do anything unless they got permission from the woman to enter into the home.  But she had fainted!  The little girl ran to get her mom and I dont know how, but she walked out of the house. We talked to her and she gave permission to go into the house.  As the police walked in,and tried to talk to her she fainted again!  Then the kids tried to carry her to the truck bed and the police said that they would take her to the hospital.  They were about to leave the kids with the dad but we told them that they needed to take the kids or the dad would beat them.  So in the end they all went to the hospital.

I was really frustrated with system because the police should be there to protect and save.  They are the only people who dont need permission from any body to enter and to save! We want to visit them again but we dont know if it is safe but we really hope to be the only light in the eyes of the children.  They need and are searching for the gospel.  

Well,  Love you all and talk you later

Hermana Gunter

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