Sunday, November 22, 2015

Visiting in the ward

So apparently the people here dont know how to read our placks because they always call us "las rubias" But I dont even have blond hair! They think if you look like you are from the US you are a rubia. jaja We made a contact during the ciesta (no one ever opens the door to us because they are sleeping) but this time was an exception.  I had to go to the bathroom so bad and all the shops were closed for the ciesta so I decided that we would go try to contact and ask to use a bathroom.  After passing like 10 homes without luck, we finally arrived at a house where we Heard voices.  We clapped and a lady ran out as I frantically asked to use the bathroom not knowing if I could make it.  When I came out, her son and his girlfriend were laughing.  I asked them why and they told me that the girlfriend is really jealous and they were having argument and he made the joke: "Well what would you do if two blond chicks from the US showed up to talk to me?"And crazily about 10 minutes later, we showed up.
Anyways we have recieved even more rejection this week...even Jorgito who we have been 
working with for 2 weeks and has been progressing very fastly just randomly told us that he wants to go to another church because he didnt feel comfortable in the meetings.  He also told us that he prayed and received the answer that this wasnt the right church for him.  I was so torn.  It honestly felt like someone had just broke up with me. I believe that he is scared of not following through with all of the commandments.  We taught him the law of chastity and it was hard for him to accept...but I just have to keep in mind that we cant oblígate anyone even though we want to. Christ only ever invited so we must do the same. 
The Ward is growing a little bit more and we have been having better asistance.  We got up to 40 this week!  We had a service Project this week and built a home for a family that was affected by the flooding. But the sisters got to cook the lunch.  I spent all week planning I am just glad it turned out ok.  Also we found the house of some investigators and they are living in a tarp becaue their house got destroyed.  it is so sad but luckily the government is helping them.  We have also been visiting some old members that used to be super faithful but there was a misunderstanding between the members and they havent been back to church since.  He owns a radio and television station here and told me that he has really gotten involved into politics but doesnt like seeing al the corruption in the world.  He told me that I need to be careful with this type of career because he has involved him so much into it taht he has forgotten the basic truths and has doubts about the existence of God.  He says that he has even lost his faith.  It reminds me of what Christ said that we should be in the world but not of it. 
I have a strong testimony of the visiting teaching and brotherhood in wards.  Keep visiting and caring for the members in your wards. 
Love you all,

HErmana Gunter

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