Sunday, November 22, 2015

The wickedness of men

This week we have done a lot of travelling to and from Posadas.  Each time, I had the goal to contact at least one person.  And luckily with each trip I accomplished my goal with numbers and directions of the people. But I think the funniest contact I did was with an old man in the bus.  He keep looking over at us so I decided to talk to him.  He told me that his is part of a musical group and that they travel around Posadas singing romantic  By then I was a little creeped out and then he told me he lived in alone Santo Tome and his girlfriend had just dumped him.  I decided by then I would just hand him a pamphlet.  He gave me his number and I took notes.  Then as we got off the bus, he tried to give me a traditional argentinan hand shake double kiss.  By then I jabbed my hand in front and ducked.  it was pretty darn funny.  
That was tuesday.  The week continues and we are working "a full" finding a ton a people.  They accepted baptism dates and invitations to go to church. Come Sunday, and the only person that shows up is this old creepy man that I contacted in the bus!  WHAT?! The Lord really does work in mysterious ways.  And with all of this new people that we have found it seems that they wont progress for their old religion, for lack of time, for addictions, or for lazyness (fiaca).  And some, are interested and might even progress, but....just not in the ME.  I dont understand! I am so frustrated with the men here! How can they be thinking like that when I am a missionary baring my testimony with all my heart? Men are gross...jaja sorry dad ;) But really, I dont know what they see in me because I am about a fourth as pretty as I used to be. 
On top of all this great progress that we are having, we also had to face a big trial when we returned back from our trip to posadas.  Our converts, who have only been married for 3 monthes, had just gotten in a fight and the husband burned all of the gifts that he gave to the wife then took off.  Supposedly she had heard multiple times from people that he was sleeping with his old wife.  She asked him, he got mad and took off.  We still dont know that is the truth...he tells us that it is not true.  Only God knows.  But if it was true, he had been doing it before and after he was baptized.  And if it was true, I would feel so decieved as well as her because he would have lied to us this whole time.  And I would be responsible if I did not teach him well enough.  His sins would be upon my head....fetch.
Luckily I dont think that is the case.  We have been teaching them both a ton this week and praying to know what to say.  It is hard to give advice for something that I have not yet done-marriage.  But somehow the lord has helped us and they are now doing a lot better.  She wants time to think and he is doing the best he can to show her that he is trustworthy.  I hope things keep clearing up and that we can actually find someone that will progress.  We have had a lot of scary stuff going on between couples.  2 times this week boyfriends have tried to burn their girlfriends and children to death.  One even died from it.  The other we just met yesterday....maybe she will progress.  Santo Tome is one rare place.  Thanks for the letters everyone. Have a great week!

Hermana Gunter

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