Sunday, November 22, 2015

Black Magic

Well I am exactly where I need to be for Halloween.  Here is Santo Tome there are many people involved in witchcraft.  Actually, many of the inactive members are witches who make deals with the devil.  Yeah, you think I´m kidding? Ask the president of our branch.  For this reason, there are so many crazy things that happen and go on here.  The people are so involved in their problems (caused by drugs and alcohol) and dont know how to fix them so they turn to dark magic.  The make oaths with Satan or with (a witch) and they practically sell their souls.  It is super sad and kind of scary.  One of the brothers of a really active member lost his girlfriend and got involved in bad things.  One night he woke up talking of Satan as if he was possessed.  Here, we are fighting a huge battle against the enemy and his hosts.  But we will prevail!
We are finally seeing progress.  Gabriela and her 5 children are sacrificing all that they can to better their relationship with each other and God.  They are all suffering with hunger because they are super poor and so we asked the members to collect food for them.  We were going to give it to them sunday at church, but then I got a message from Gabriela saying that she wasnt going to be able to make it because her aunt had offered her a job in the morning so she could earn money to feed her children because they hadnt eaten for awhile.  She took the job but then I sent her a message that she needed the blessing from God more and thinking that she wouldnt show up, was surprised when she walked through the door. 
The relief society is finally progressing. We could finally fill the room with sisters and this week is mothers day in argentina so we will be having a fun activity this weekend.  I will let you know how it goes.  
Hermana Gunter

and I would like updates on any national new in the us thanks!

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