Sunday, November 22, 2015

He is the Gift

we are working right now a ton with the program he is the gift and making sure everyone has the chance to see it.  It is going pretty good.  We had also planned to have a baptism this coming saturday but Alejandra all of the sudden said she wasnt going to church anymore.  After finding a ton of investigators they all decided this week to stop progressing...we are trying not to get desanimated.  I had a really strong impression that I should be focusing more on my companion than trying to run around crazy finding new people and having the best numbers.  I really have the desire to finish strong with great numbers and everything and I will try but after talking with my leaders I have decided that I am killing my companion.  I have been running around with my head cut off leaving her behind in the dust.  Now I am more conscious of her needs and in each prayer I ask God to help me to focus on her so that she can learn to be a good missionary and baptize many people for the next year and a half. She will be able to accomplish more that I possibly could in only one change if I teach her well enough.  In the mission, I have learned that God always is checking my humility.  
It has been kind of hard to train only because she is SUPER NEW.  She doesnt even have very good higiene so I am starting from the very basics.  I just hope I am doing enough.  Dont get me wrong, we are still finding new people and focusing in on baptisms but now that isnt my number one goal.  My number one goal is to teach and love her and I feel and know that through humility will come success.  And never had I ever thought that it would be so hard to get a baptism in south america!  But here is argentina the people are very set in their religions and honor the virgin mary. Now I think I understand what it means to be hardhearted and stiffnecked.  I just keep praying for the guidance of the spirit each day to be able to find the people that God has prepared.  I love you all and wish you luck in this busy season,
con mucho amor,

Hermana Gunter

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