Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sick :(

Almost this whole week I have been sick.  We dont know what I have.  Some say that it is gastritis and some say that it is bichos (parasites)  in the stomach. But I had a contant fever and stomach ache and constant trips to the bathroom. I dont think i have ever felt so sick and exhausted in all of my life. I dont know if it was because of the food that the members gave us because they give us tons and it may or may not be cooked well.  They also said it could be for the stress. But I dont feel stressed anymore.  Anyways we had to stay in th apartment to rest and that was so hard for me because I was thinking about our investigators the whole time.  So a couple times I convinced my companion I was well enough to leave and teach a couple lessons.  I shouldnt have done that because the whole time I was in a ton of pain...but I was also surprised how much the spirit helped me to be able to cope and teach.  But as we left in the cold, my fever only got worse and I was losing breath because of the cold chills.  ew and I had to drink warm, salty coca cola to get better.

And luckily, I have learned my lesson. I am doing much better today. I think God wanted me to have more compasion for the many sisters in our branch that are suffering from sicknesses.  We have like three sisters with horrible sicknesses that doesnt allow them to walk.  It was also dificult to be sick and then have to plan and prepare for a baptism and district conference, but it all pulled through eventually and Fiorela and Mariela were able to get baptized.  Wahoo! Roberto even went a second time to the conference Saturday night and Sunday morning!  He is awesome! But we just found out that he smokes...its ok just another obstacle to hurdle.  
Amor a todos,

Hermana Gunter

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