Sunday, November 22, 2015


Hola todos!
This week has been very busy.  It started off with a death.  The mom of a innactive member died on tuesday.  As the relief society president we went to help relieve some of the stress and confort those that were mourning. It was a hard thing to see.  Especially becuase the sister castillo was taking care of her mom and then all of the sudden she got super sick with gastritis and taken straight to the hospital.  She was in charge of taking care of her sickly mother and her depressed husband and didnt take the time to take care of herself.  And while she was in the hospital she recieved a call that her mother had died.  But it is ok because we know the great plan of happiness and now hermana castillo will be able to come to church because she wont have to stay home with her mom. 
After that I had the chance to do divisiones with the sisters in my zone.  They are doing just fine thankfully.  We have found a ton of new people but only two of them will progress.  Roberto moved back to La Cruz but we recieved permisson to go visit him this week and so we will see how dedicated he is to going to church and being baptized.  But we found Alva and Paola two great women who had some great questions of the soul.  It seemed like God had prepared them perfectly to ask these questions so that we could be the answer.  Alva told us about how she doesnt want to be different when she resurrects...because she wants her children to recognize her.  We were sure eager to testify of the resurrection.  After that, we taught Paola about the restauration and she said wow "tiene razon" because she ahd been asking herself which church is the right one for her.  It was awesome. We also went clear out in the boonies close to the river where we found a strange family that accepted us.  But we tried to teach and the children were so noisy and just wanted to play.  We tried to involve them in the lesson and in the end they learned how to pray.  But they would not leave me alone!  The whole time they were hanging on me!  At first it was cute but them after the second hug they would not let go of me!  IT was like have 7 hulk hugs at once!  Then they were fighting over who would be the one to give me things and give me kisses...but the worse part was that one of the little girls whispered in my ear while they were hugging me goodbye that her little friend who was hugging me had lice...NOT AGAIN!! I am just praying that I dont suddenly get the itches...but at least I could show them a little love that obvoiusly they dont get often.
Amor siempre,

Hermana Gunter

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